Thursday, March 31, 2011

To the Editors/Staff of The Seattle Times

March 23, 2011

To the Editors/Staff of The Seattle Times:

When I several times attempted to post the comments below on Carol Ostrom's one-sided article on the latest unconstitutional Washington State vaccines exemptions bill,

Vaccine Skeptics Protest Bill Requiring Doc's Note

I was blocked from posting them to your website. First I was told that my longstanding password was invalid; then when I wasted time resetting my former password, the "Comments" link would not work.

This also follows your failure to follow through on documented information I have been sending you for the past two years concerning the ineffectiveness and harmfulness of vaccinations, some of which came from primary source government documents drawn from the CDC's own databases. Your newspaper has not done due diligence in fairly and thoroughly investigating vaccinations on the basis of all available information, but have only continued to parrot our corporate government's propaganda.

So I am going to to perform the due diligence that you have failed to do. I am going to report on all of this in an article I am going to write for international circulation about how the widespread opposition to this bill has been systematically suppressed, both in the Washington State legislature and this state's corporate-controlled media, of which you newspaper is an excellent example.

The fact that you are now covering this story in so belated and one-sided a fashion on your front page shows that the corporate forces that you represent are greatly alarmed at increasing public opposition to the vaccinations you and they have striven so mightily to promote for their own considerable but conscienceless profit.

Yours all too truly,

Rebecca Em Campbell

For the third time in three years, the Washington State legislature is attempting to pass legislation in some form undermining parental rights to religious and philosophical vaccination exemption for their children according with the first, fourth and fourteenth amendments of the US Constitution.

What is remarkable is that similar bills had been defeated in 2009, 2010 and years before on the basis of their being unconstitutional; one therefore wonders on what legal or logical basis their successors have been once again been proffered, since -- as far as can be determined by this witness given the present level of government transparency -- the US constitution has not been amended in the interim. Nor do the majority of Washington State legislators seem to be concerned that if they pass this unconstitutional legislation, it inevitably will be challenged in court, wasting large amounts of now allegedly scarce tax payer dollars.

Which brings us to the issue that I term the "CAFR scam": the practice of corporate governments at all levels offering a public budget of a certain stated amount, while concealing in their comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFRs) the actual funds that these governments have in dedicated trust funds. This is so they can quietly retain approximately two-thirds of taxpayer monies/public trust funds for corporate investments rather than for rebates or direct services to the people, thereby enriching their corporate masters, who in turn enrich government officials with corporate stocks, campaign contributions and bribes.

The ongoing version of the CAFR scam within the Washington State government would seem would seem to explain why its corporate officials in both the legislative and executive branches have ruthlessly and have relentlessly attempted to push vaccinations at the expense of the people of Washington State, despite such attempts' lack of support, lack of legality and lack of principle.

Here, gleaned from the CAFR of the Washington State Investment Board, are figures of corporate pension fund investments in the pharmaceutical industry made by the Washington State government in 2010 that would seem to be extremely relevant to the question at hand: there are state corporate investments in Bayer AG, CSL, GlaxoSmithKline-GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche Holdings AG, Sanofi Synthelab and Syngenta AG that total 538.5 million dollars -- over a half billion dollars -- in the international pharmaceutical industry, whose products the Washington State government is now seeking to push on the parents of this state and their children with this proposed unconstitutional legislation.

So it would seem that, not only does the Washington State government have a huge investment in the international pharmaceutical cartel, but a huge conflict of interest in so forcefully pushing the product of this industry in which they have so lavishly invested. It would also seem that those state officials who have personal stock portfolios invested in the pharmaceutical industry like the state has public investments, might be wise to recuse themselves from voting on this bill. Otherwise, if this bill passes into law and is inevitably challenged in court as, not only unconstitutional, but showing conflicts of interest, both public and private, they, along with the Washington State government, may be shown to be seriously compromised.

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