Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Today, the Washington State legislature passed the back-door forced vaccinations bill that effectively limits parental exemptions, and the West Virginia Supreme Court yesterday found in favor of public health officials barring/expelling from the public schools any child exempted by parents from the unduly heavy CDC-recommended vaccination schedules. This shows that US state governments are as irremediably corrupt as the federal government, and that the American people have no recourse but to exponentially multiply what was recently done in Wisconsin and engage in widespread informal secession from the empire until we have reclaimed our national and individual freedom and sovereignty. -- REC

Vaccines Being Pushed in an Organized Campaign by Pharmaceutical Cartel Lobbyists in US State Legislatures

Rapid Resistant Response to FBI Criminal Charges Filed Against Washington State Health Secretary

Film/Federal Lawsuit Document WHO-US Government ForcedVaccination Quarantine Plan in 2009 by Deborah Dupre'


Campbell vs. the United States (Sebelius): Comprehensive Constitutional Lawsuit Against Forced Vaccinations/Medical Martial Law-Amended Complaint

1. There presently exists a bank-based transnational corporate crime syndicate that continues to violate the fundamental constitutional rights and well-being of the American people, including those of the plaintiff, through fraudulent political, legal and financial contracts in the form of surreptitiously signed/enacted international treaties and federal laws/executive orders enabling, among other flagrant unconstitutional abuses of human and civil rights, the mandated imposition of bioweaponized H1N1 influenza vaccinations and quarantines/detentions through medical martial law. The aforementioned measures, being fraudulent, are therefore null and void, with no legitimate power to be enforced by any government, national or international, upon the American people.

2. Controlled by the same bank-based transnational corporate syndicate that now controls the United States government and virtually all of the major national governments of the world, as well as the international pharmaceutical industry, the privately-controlled United Nations World Health Organization (UN-WHO) has fraudulently declared, without any scientific justification, the highest possible Level 6 Pandemic Emergency for an indefinite period of time, which is akin to an unlimited medical "war on terror".

3. Level 6 Pandemic Emergency status gives the WHO, by various international agreements signed by the US government and by various federal executive orders, as well by various laws surreptitiously approved by the US Congress and supported by the US Supreme Court, indefinite control over this nation and its people, subverting the US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights, the American Declaration of Independence and all federal, state and local laws, and therefore the US government and its public health agencies, whose chief administrators are the four complicit federal defendants named in this case.

4. These actions violate the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence; it is therefore these very oracles of human freedom that must now be invoked to protect the American people from the unconstitutional actions of their own federal government, including its public health agencies and their chief administrators, the four complicit federal defendants named in this case.

5. However, through a series of judicial decisions over the past forty years, repeatedly citing as their basis Article III of the US Constitution and the doctrine of "sovereign immunity" spuriously derived from the Eleventh Amendment, the federal courts –

particularly the US Supreme Court unduly influenced by the abovementioned transnational corporate interests, has both unconstitutionally and unconscionably restricted the standing of American citizens to file suit against the federal government to protect their freedoms under the First and Seventh Amendments to the US Constitution found in the US Bill of Rights, which subsumes in preeminence all other articles of the US Constitution, including Article III and the Eleventh Amendment. It is these unconstitutionally and unconscionably restrictive judicial precedents of federal court rulings excessively limiting the standing of citizens of the United States to sue the federal government in defense of their constitutional rights that the plaintiff also wishes to challenge in this amended suit against the United States government itself, as well as against the four federal public health officials listed as complicit federal defendants in this case.

6. The plaintiff therefore demands of the court:

a. That the Court immediately grant an Injunction for relief in these matters, thereby revoking, by authority of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 14th Amendments of the US Constitution, as well as by the authority of the American Declaration of Independence from the royally chartered corporations of the British Empire any powers spuriously presumed by the federal government, now or in the future, through executive orders or international agreements issued/signed by any officials, past or present, of the federal government; that any officials of the federal government be thereby forbidden, now or in the future, to commit perjury concerning the alleged benefits or efficacy of any suspiciously derived/designed mandatory or voluntary vaccination, thus engaging in fraudulent financial contracts with their makers; to attempt to abridge the freedom of the press; to declare unilaterally any corporate legal immunity to the purveyors of vaccines for said vaccinations; to unilaterally and surreptitiously impose through federal treaties/laws/executive orders federally mandated vaccinations/quarantines/ detentions/international governments upon the American people; or for the federal government to use unconstitutionally restrictive federal judicial rulings denying the American people their right to defend their constitutional rights in federal court, thus making their political contract with the people fraudulent, and therefore null and void;

b. That the Court order a Special Prosecutor to convene a grand jury investigation based upon the abovementioned allegations by the authority vested in this Court and its Special Prosecutor to prevent any possible injury to the American people by means of any aforementioned possible federally mandated martial law, with enforced vaccinations/quarantines/ detentions and overly restrictive rulings on standing made by the federal courts, denying the American people the standing to defend their constitutional rights in a court of law;

c. That the Court order an investigation of this matter by the Special Prosecutor under the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Section (RICO-USC 18) of the Organized Crime Control Act (OCCA) of 1970, particularly its Sections 175-Prohibition with Respect to Biological Weapons; 241-Conspiracy Against Rights; 1031-Fraud Against the United States; 1091-Genocide; 2384-Seditious Conspiracy; 2382-Misprision of Treason and 2384-Seditious Conspiracy, as well as theSherman Antitrust Act of 1890,whose farsighted provisions have been largely ignored by the US government since the latter half of the twentieth century;

d. That the Court order an investigation by the Special Prosecutor of persons and organizations who may be responsible in an effort to prevent any planned imposition of enforced bioweaponized vaccinations/medical law and fraudulent waste of taxpayers' money in needless dangerous vaccinations, as well as the repeal of all federal laws, foreign treaties and executive orders allowing same, and all judicial precedents unconstitutionally and unconscionably restricting the standing of US citizens to defend their constitutional rights in a court of law; that all of the above may trigger a formal government and/or independent investigation of these illegal governmental actions, similar to those now ongoing against the World Health Organization and its associated pharmaceutical corporations/corporate-controlled nonprofit foundations in Europe by the Council of Europe, the European Parliament and various European national governments after criminal charges were initially filed against the WHO and its aforementioned associated organizations by another pro se plaintiff in Vienna, Austria on April 8, 2009.

Text-Campbell vs. the United States (Sebelius): Comprehensive Constitutional Federal Case Against Forced Vaccinations/Medical Martial Law-Amended Complaint


Martial Law and the Militarization of Public Health: the Global H1N1 Influenza Vaccination Program-Michael Chossudovsky, Ph.D -

Journalist Files Charges Against UN/WHO for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder-Barbara Minton, Ph.D.

EU Official Demands National Investigations into WHO's False H1N1 Flu Pandemic

Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity-Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. -

"The Rockefeller Syndicate", Chapter 10-Murder by Injection-Eustace Mullins -

Criminal Charges Filed by Jane Burgermeister with the FBI and City/State Prosecutor in Vienna, Austria-April 8, 2009/July 22, 2009

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